Writing Desk For Kids, Important Or Unnecessary?

New school year is knocking on the door and it’s the perfect time to decide if you want to buy for young students writing desk or just let them do their homework in every corner in the house that they will find. I gather 4 experts opinions from various fields to explain the right choice.

New school year is knocking, and many parents struggle if as part of preparations for first grade or when buying a new children room, it is necessary to buy writing desk. The fear most of the times is that the writing table will become unused furniture that gathering dust, and the kid will eventually do his homework in the kitchen. I gather some experts opinions to check what is the right choice and if there is a reason to insist on writing desk on kids room.

Writing Table

“There is a problem with children writing desk” saying Ruth Chemistry, an occupational therapist in Child Development. “Writing desk is at the exact same height as The dining room table”, about 70cm. therefore, children that are starting their first year at school, are sitting at a desk that not suit for them. The desk reaches above the chest, and therefore the “sitting isn’t stable”.

Chemistry explains that if the sitting isn’t stable will make the kids try to stabilize themselves through the surrounding environment in different ways: Will do their homework standing up, Will sit with their “Half tush raised”, would bring the head closer to the table and lean on it. They getting tired, using the wrong muscles. moving their head to see what they wrote, The writing isn’t organized, and they find it difficult to maintain gains in the words they writing. I’m meeting  children that are avoiding writing because the experience for them are not comfortable, and also tiring.

Adjust the desk to the child

Ayelet Keller, Physiotherapy services manager at a local hospital, Neurodevelopmental physiotherapist, rather claims that writing desk in childer’s room is a desk with a proper structure: “Right sitting in a personal desk Helps concentration and comfort. Enables extended sitting around a table, influencing on performance, and enables to move easily with a pencil on the paper. When the child is sitting in Asymmetrical way, he will try to compensate, tilt is  head, there is a contraction of the muscles of the neck and shoulder blades. It will not cause to scoliosis, but a feeling of discomfort: Headache because of the efforts, joints pain, muscle, Difficulty in eye-hand coordination, and more.”

Additionally, Keller explains that their important role in coordination: “If the desk is not organized, the kid will need to get up, to bend down to his bag, to tilt is body and is head. This cumbersome and therefore will be less targeted and effect on the quality of the homework performance. As more organized the working environment will be, the probability that the child will enjoy the “mission” and not fill discomfort, will be much higher. I believe that body and spirit are not separated things, and therefore it’s important not just to choose the right writing desk, but also to organize the learning environment”.

Learning environment

-How will we choose right writing desk for learning purpose?

Keller:”Sit the kid, and look that the table is at the height of the chest And joints of the feet at 90 degrees. it’s important to provide support for feet, that they not hang in the air, and then the back will be upright, straight, and symmetrical.pay attention that the Shoulder not lifted, the hand that holding the pencil well placed. The hands need to be free but stable in order to provide fine motor skills. If there are drawers in the desk or linked to it, make sure they are not interfering. it’s recommended to select “clean”  desk, no prints and no sharp corners. The chair is very important in improving learning conditions: Choose a chair with padding, that it can be tilt, preferably with handles, Preferably not a chair with wheels, because then stability will not be good enough.”

In order to solve the height problem, Chemistry advises “to Use a different projector to the chairs, solid booster cushion or chairs that are half of the bar size chairs. In order to provide support for the feet, you should buy a stool or choose a chair with built-in support for the legs. If there us a computer on the desk, Make sure that the eyes of the kids are located in the center of the screen and that is not blinded by the lights reflected on the screen. It is possible at first to make the homework on a small table, the same table used by the children to paint when they were small.

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The child needs quiet

Making of homework not only important in the physiological aspect, but also as part of setting limits. “A writing desk is a private place for development and learning,” explain Dr. Sharon Tzonz. Throw the making of the homework and practice, the parent can see what is the material that they learn in the classroom. The making of the homework and building the right habits are built from the first grade when the children are young and will use them in their adult’s life.

According to Sharon, a child that making is homework in the center of the house (Kitchen, Living room), are more exposed to stimulation, noises from this environment. therefore making homework in the child room, in a quite and organized place, is another good way for us as parents to draw boundaries that allow a day routine, reduce anxiety, environmental Stimulation, allows a time frame and quite in the “mission” of making the homework right.

-Many of the parents are afraid that the child will interpret this as punishment

What is wrong with being alone? the child can organize it’s thoughts and to be creative. We are educating to order, independents, and routine. There are  a lot of advantages when the child making is homework alone. At first, he can interpret this as punishment, but if we persist, the habit will be more familiar to the child, and the writing desk will become more friendly. If we persist – us and child will earn from it. If we give up – we miss some good learning skills. You can make the learning environment to more friendly, the writing desk to more appealing, organize the desk together, allow the child to draw on it, practice Workbooks, an action that isn’t just homework.

Unlike Sharon, Emily Smith, a teacher in the last 22 years, is thinking exactly the opposite. She opposed to a writing desk in the child room. 34 students are learning in her class, and during the year her student made their homework in some different ways: there were some kids that laying on the carpet, others on a table, also on the floor, some even standing up. they all had good achievements, every one of the student was looking for the perfect learning method for him that will not frustrate him, she explains.

-Is it not affected on quality of the learning or the order in the notebooks?

“On the contrary, the output was better, it was comfortable for them, they learned to neutralize the noises around them. The approach of sitting around a writing desk is wrong. What suits to one parent not necessarily suit for the other, and what suits to one child will not work for the other. There is no one rule for all. In my house, the TV is always on, and the computer is locked in the corner of the living room. My daughters can make their homework with headphones on an exercise ball. Everyone can do their homework whenever they fill like.”

-The child will not be dependent on the parent if he will do is homework next to him?

“No. Tell to your child that you are here for him, guide your child and don’t teach him. When my daughters are making their homework, I’m there, but not next to them, even that I’m a teacher. The transition to the first grade is one of the big changes that the child experience. You don’t need to run at the beginning of the school year to buy a writing table, allow to the child some time to see how he handle the change and where is the best place for him to make is homework.”

As you can see there is no clear answer to the question: Writing Desk For Kids, Important Or Unnecessary? You need to decide which approach is suited for you and your child.

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