What Is The Best Toy Kitchens For Toddlers? – I Gather Some Ideas

Best Toy Kitchens

The kids are want to play in the grownups kitchens, and I searched for the best and the perfect kitchens that suit for them and have the perfect design. (As their parents wished they had.)

One of the popular game that kids love to play is “play home”: “You be the dad, and I will be the mom, and the dolls will be the babies” they say to one another. They can occupy themselves for hours in the world of “adults”. When this game will have some accessories that will give them the real feeling, the little ones will be happier.

I gather some real looking kitchens for your toddler, that I know they will love to get.


LifeStyle Custom Kitchen Playset, $82.94


This Step2 Play Kitchen is a kid’s kitchen set that is designed to match today’s décor trends. It features a compact design that will look great in your little chef’s bedroom or playroom and includes plenty of accessories for multiple youngsters to play with. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the fun electronic sounds that resemble the noises of real appliances that you would find in an actual kitchen!


  • The stability of the kitchen set is great – My kiddo has been playing with it constantly since we got it and it still looks brand new.
  • It’s compact which is great for a smaller play space.
  • The stove top makes different noises and lights when the pot and pan are placed on it, and also the phone and microwave when the buttons are pushed.
  • lots of doors to open and close.
  • The size is ideal for 2 toddlers, can also work for 3.
  • It has a lot of storage for dishes and plays food.
  • It has a nice balance of stickers versus moving pieces.


  • The assembly process It’s a little bit tricky, you need to line up the pieces so the screws go in right.
  • There are NO pre-drilled holes – having an electric drill is a must.
  • The instructions are in the form of pictures for the most part, with very few verbal instructions, making things harder than they needed to be.
  • the refrigerator door does stick sometimes when its being closed.

If you are not intimidated to work a little throw the assembly process, it’s the perfect kitchen set for your toddler.



American Plastic Toy Deluxe Custom Kitchen, $65.97


A really nifty, bright kitchen with everything a little chef needs! Featuring realistic burners with light and sounds. Turn the knob to activate the timer. Get “cooking” by placing pots or pans on the burners to automatically activate sizzling and bubbling sounds. Plenty of shelf space and two removable “wicker” baskets for storage! The kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. Additional features include a sink and 22 play accessories!


  • The 22 accessories that are included cover most kitchen items.
  • The buttons on the stove tops make a nice bubble and sizzle sounds.
  • Held up well even if you have a not gentle toddler in the house.
  • A lot of cool sounds: a knob that makes a timer alert sound, knobs that click when turned.
  • The stovetop makes a boiling water sound, which even Tim Burton would appreciate. 🙂
  • If you are a patriot you need to know that it is made in America!
  • This plastic is closer to Tupperware than the cheap brittle stuff you find with many toys.
  • the assembly diagrams were very clear and the majority of the process is just snipping the plastic pieces apart and snapping them together.
  • Customer service (Hopefully you will not need it) are quick, love to help, and better than most of the customer service that I encountered in my life – They stand by their product and want to do what is right for the customer.



  • it requires a complete assembly.
  • Need a screwdriver
  • The assembly can less from half an hour to three hours – depends on your assembly skills.

The same goes for this kitchen set, If Stephen Hawking is unavailable to assist with the assembly, and you (or your husband) not afraid to work a little to make your child happy, this is an AWESOME value for the money!


KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen, $499.95


This toy kitchen will used by your kids for hours and years on end. It is of superior durability and design, made of wood, and will last for many generations. This kids play kitchen set has more features than most others: Made of sturdy WOODEN construction! -Refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave and washing and machine doors all open and close -See-through doors on oven and microwave -Innovative speckled countertop design -Removable sink for quick and easy cleaning -Knobs turn -Cordless phone -Clock with moving hands -Additional storage space on the side and above the sink -Large enough that multiple children can play at once.


  • The kitchen is primarily MDF wood with some plastic (handles, knobs, faucet, sink bowl, water dispenser & phone).
  • The chalkboard is real.
  • Two kids can easily play together in the kitchen.
  • There are cabinets to store the food out of sight.
  • A really fine looking kitchen.
  • The pieces, including the screws and bolts, are very well labeled and organized.
  • The boards for the back are for the individual spaces, one piece for the back of the oven, one for the back of the fridge and so on – If there is a problem or one gets broke you don’t have to replace the whole back.
  • The fridge shelf comes out which is handy if you want to put tall stuff in the fridge.
  • The knobs have a satisfying click sound.
  • The sturdy quality and classic look make it work well in a family space.



  • This kitchen does not make any noises – but some parents will consider it a Pros because they want that their kids will creatively come up with their own.
  • It is very small, it has a narrow depth. Only 13″ compared to Melissa and Doug’s 17.5″ (See below).
  • It will take 1 person about 2 hours to assemble.
  • The plastic in the knobs can break easily so the clicking stops.
  • It comes in so many pieces, and the assembly process can take some time.

It is quite an expensive kitchen set, but it could last for years to come, and you can pass it from one kid to another as they grow up.



Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen, $89.27


The Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen has everything a young chef needs. This compact and efficient kitchen play set. This colorful set includes a removable sink, 3-burner cook top, and oven, refrigerator (Need to buy separately), storage shelves, cutting board, clicking knobs and a real, working timer. Its sturdy wooden construction will satisfy every appetite for pretend house and restaurant play.


  • Doesn’t take up too much space, and have the perfect height so everyone in the family can play.
  • The kitchen is sturdy and well made.
  • The sink bowl is deeper than most plastic kitchens, so your child can pretend to wash dishes.
  • Nice bright primary colors.
  • Lot’s of pieces to put together but good instruction.
  • It will be around for years and years.
  • This is an “old school” type toy that really gets back to the basics and invokes creativity within children.



  • The refrigerator is not included, you need to buy it separately.
  • The timer is very delicate, so if you have a child that love to break stuff, I don’t think it will last a long time.
  • If you plan this as a Christmas surprise you will want to plan ahead, because the assembly process can take some time.
  • There are no replacement parts if you will need one.

It is not expensive as KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen and still made of a classic wood. Need an assembly that can take quite some time. 



Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill, $210.47


This Step2 Play Kitchen with Grill is a realistic play kitchen with all of the features a real kitchen has to offer. Children can use the toy grill to cook hot dogs and hamburgers when they play “make believe”. Great for use in an indoor playroom.


  • Plenty of room for multi-child play.
  • Have an attached dining area.
  • Three realistic electronic features: grill, stove top and phone.
  • Large toy sink has a swivel faucet with push button for preschoolers to pretend to wash the kitchen appliances.
  • This model comes with a ton of dishes, cookware, and plastic replica food items. There is no need to supplement with additional play cookware.
  • A lot of sizzling and bubbling sounds that kids will love.
  • The grill is fantastic and has 2 knobs and a button that make appropriate sounds while lighting up.



  • Requires two “AA” and four “AAA” batteries that not included, so be prepared.
  • hmm, a filing of Deja vu, Did I said that it (also) need an adult assembly?
  • The microwave buttons are only stickers.
  • Moving it around the house may not be so easy.
  • The accessories that came with it are great for the kids but nowhere to put them all (consider of buying a small canvas tote).


I hope that all the above helped you decide what is the right kitchen for you child. Please fill free to ask me anything and leave a comment below. I will appreciate it.



  • Wow, you certainly covered a wide arrangement of possibilities in play kitchens here. I think I need to send this to my daughter in law. My son is a chef and it would be great if his kids could play at being like daddy. She can pick it out and I’ll buy it.

  • Brandon

    Hello, toddler toys for in the kitchen are a great idea, not only do these toys help with keeping them busy and developing their mind, it also helps their brain and makes them want to help in the real kitchen (which is never a bad thing when they want to help with the dishes :P).

    Anyway, great idea and something I would have never thought of before.

    Cheers buddy,

  • Valts


    Really great review, the visauls are awesome,
    Christmas is not so far, so I might start thinking about getting one of these as a present, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later,

    Great job with the page, keep up the great work!

  • Linda

    I am so impressed this your website and so happy I found it. Since I have 4 grandchildren ranging in age from 3 months to 6 years, this will be so informative, and I will definitely forward this on to my daughters. Thanks for creating this for all of us parents and grandparents who want just the best for our kids.

  • Rebecca

    These are all so awesome! I would have loved one of these as a kid 😀 I think my 3 year old will love the Grand Walk-In Kitchen and Grill!! Thanks so much for putting this post together.

  • Joy Nelson

    Wow, as a mother who raised her kids with a Waldorf inspired approach, these are awesome! Especially the more natural wooden sets. Thanks for sharing! Love your site and the valuable info!


  • My 4 year old daughter just loves this website, and I think it is great too. She fell in love with the Step2 Grand Walk-in Kitchen and Grill and since I am a big griller, she really likes that addition to the kitchen. Now we just need to get mommy on board. We will definitely be checking back here often for more fun ideas. Thanks for the great site. Keep up the good work.

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