What Are The Best Swimming Aids For Toddlers? – I Tried 5 Of Them

Swimming is a great exercise for babies, toddlers and it’s also something that kids and parents can do together. It’s always best to be safe in and around water, though, so while your toddler is learning to swim they should wear a good swim aid.

The items on this list will help youngsters find their flippers in water – and some double-up as protective swimwear.

Just remember that adult supervision is essential.  


Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket, $14.00


The fun lasts longer for kids in the water with this Life Jacket.  The comfortable design allows children 30-50 lbs. (13.6 kg-22.7 kg) to move and swim freely in pools and lakes and at the beach, without the life jacket riding up around their necks.  Each PFD is Coast Guard-approved and can be used as a learn-to-swim aid. (Watch the video)


  • The design of it forcing the children to float in a position that easily keeps their head above water.
  • shoulders sit above the water and it gives confident to the child to swimming by Itself.
  • It is a nice shade of blue and could be used by a boy or a girl.
  • US Coast Guard-approved life jacket
  • Make the same job as the deluxe version ($29.00)


  • The strap loosens as they move around, so the child needs TOTALLY supervision while swimming
  • At the first few times, you may found it difficult to get on & off
  • Again, need an adult supervision because the child can tilt is head first into the water and can’t flip back without an adult help

Sizing Information


SUIEK Unisex (Pink & Blue) Baby Infant Swim Shoes, $15,99


Let your baby feet were protected from the hot sand. In the pool to prevent small stones and concrete scratches foot. Perfect for small feet at the beach and in water. Can also be used for new walkers and backyard playing around. Waterproof neoprene material, Keep feet warm in the water. The shoe weight about 0.07 lb, Let your baby’s feet will not have any burden. They float for easy retrieval. It’s comfy and dries easily.


  • Very easy to slip on and off your baby or toddler.
  • Light to carry around.
  • Thick enough to keep out heat and rocks, but soft enough that the child can walk in them.
  • No hard plastic inside to hurt the baby’s feet.
  • Also, can be used around the house.
  • Great traction and slip prevention.
  • Have a flexible sole, so they are good for the health of your child’s developing foot
  • NO smell upon arrival (Chemicals smell).


  • The bottoms are really not skidding proof
  • A little bit expensive


Speedo Kids, $16.30 – $24.99


When it comes to wetsuit-style life vests, consider this one the best. It’s perfect for children who are now more familiar with the water but still dependent on full flotation. But mainly it includes the vital crouch strap, making it extra secure and safe. It also comes in bright and colourful prints that kids will love to wear.


  • It keeps the child floating, but he is able to freely move his arms and legs.
  • Great for bigger kids who are learning to swim.
  • Does not force the child on his face like other jackets would.
  • Easy on, easy off.
  • The colors are bright and fun for the kids.
  • Have an adjustable strap to match it to the kid size.
  • Give the child some support as he learns to swim and float on his own.
  • The vest frees up her arms so that the child can move more freely and swim better.
  • The vest is made of neoprene and has a UV50+ Block the Burn protection.


  • The lower strap sometimes  gives the child  a bit of a “wedgie”
  • The only thing that is adjustable is the safety strap, not the vest itself.
  • This jacket alone won’t keep a non-swimmer up – It is only for learning purposes.



Intex My Baby Float, $7.95


Take little ones swimming in the pool with you using the Intex Recreation. It has a large outer ring that helps provide stability and a headrest for added support. The soft leg holes on this Intex My Baby float make it a comfortable experience. My Baby Float gives even the younger ones an awesome pool experience. With a large outer ring, there is greater stability in this float. Comes equipped with a head rest and soft leg holes.


  • The criss-cross seat does a good job of supporting the baby in the water and still letting is legs be free.
  • The way the seat part is made provides a convenient place to hold on to when you have to hold one float with each hand!

    It allowed to the parents to keep their hands free, while the little one kick around (under our supervision).

  • It’s well designed and sized.
  • They blow up is pretty quickly.
  • When deflated it, is flat and folds up really small.
  • It has a double ring, It makes your child safer, and helps them not to tip or get too wet.


  • The baby can barely reach the water to splash it.
  • Not lasting more than one summer.
  •  If your baby leans forward a lot, it wouldn’t be too hard for her to dump herself forward.


==>Check out the video<==


Please note that with all these products you have to watch your kids while he is in the water, They all aids products and not life-saving one.
Please fill free to comment, ask anything, and adding more ideas for products that you want to recommend on.


  • Efi,
    This is a great selection of Swimming aids. When my little one was learning to swim, we did use several aids. The Puddle Jumper was one of the first we used. Now that he is older, he likes to wear a life jacket in the boat when we go out on the lake. I find that kids that use the swimmers aids like to learn how to swim more than the ones that are just left to play in the shallow water, what do you think?

  • Wow, the amount of swimming aids that actually serve a purpose nowadays is amazing. My 3 are well past the age of needing any of this but my nephew is beginning swimming lessons next week. We are gonna give the puddle jumper a shot. Thanks for the info.

  • What a great article with very accurate descriptions! Just what I needed! My son does notdare to swim, and I was already looking for tools to make it easier for him. Now I have to consider what is best for him. This is really a website that every parent should know about! Your website is also super informative and beckons you to get more articles to read! Good job!

  • how cute are those baby infant shoes? I would buy them, I do wish they came in adult sizes.

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