How to Get Free Baby Samples? – Let Me Tell You!

There is a lot of ways to get free baby samples from varies companies who want you to try their baby products so in the end you will like them and buy more of them. If you think about it this free samples will eventually save you money.

So we gather some list of free baby samples you can receive by several methods.

Let’s get going.

(1) Register with Baby Companies to Getting Free Baby Samples

Free diapers

Baby companies give out a ton of free baby samples but only if they know you’re out there and have a baby. If there’s a company that makes a baby product you’d like to try, you should visit their website and register your information with them. This way when the baby companies decide to send out free baby samples, they’ll automatically send one out to you.

If you’d like free samples of baby formula sign up with the companies that make baby formula and you can get free samples of diapers by signing up with all the diaper companies.

(2) Pampers Gifts to Grow.

Gifts Pampers

Join the Pampers Gifts to Grow program and they’ll send you free diapers as a reward for your loyalty to the Pampers’ brand.

Every time you buy a box of Pampers, look for the code inside the box and enter it into the website above. Those points can be saved up and later redeemed for diapers, baby food, and toys.

[Editor’s note: As of July 2016, you can no longer redeem points for baby food or diapers. However, for the latter, you can use points to enter sweepstakes for free diapers.]

(3) Register With Baby Formula Companies to Getting Free Baby Formula.

Formula Free

A great way to get free baby formula is to go straight to the source. The companies that make baby formula often give out free baby formula samples and coupons to help you get cheap or even free baby formula.

Register with these companies that make baby formula and watch your mailbox for free coupons and samples.

If you don’t get any free formula samples from joining these programs, pick up the phone and give these companies a call. If they think you’re going to be a potential customer, they’ll be more than happy to send you some free samples.

(4) Get Free Diapers with Swagbucks


 Free Diapers

Arguably one of the cheapest places to get diapers is at Amazon, so here’s a tip on how to get a free Amazon gift card: Join Swagbucks.

They’ll give you Amazon gift cards for answering trivia questions and questions about your shopping habits. It’s not a ton of money, but most people are able to earn about $10 a month in free Amazon gift cards.

(5) Call Your Doctor’s Office and Hospital

Baby Doctor

Call both your doctor’s office and local hospital to see if they have free baby formula available or know of some place where you can get free baby formula. These are great resources for free baby formula and you may find yourself with bags full of it after contacting these two places.

Besides free baby formula, they’ll also be able to share with you where you can get other baby freebies like.

(6) Become a Diaper Ambassador

Diaper  Formula

If you can convince other moms to start buying their diapers online, the folks over at will pay you!

They have a pretty lucrative referral program where you can earn $5 in diaper credit for every mom you refer to the site. Here’s a link to their referral program.

(7) Ask the Diaper Companies

Diaper Companies

Look – diapers are a big business and companies know that once you’ve started with their brand, you’re likely to continue using them until your child is potty-trained. So take advantage of this and register with the major brands below for free coupons and diapers:

(8) Combine Coupons and Sales to Get Free Baby Formula

Coupons Get Free Baby Formula

Check your paper for local coupons for baby formula and grocery ads that have baby formula on sale.

A great coupon combined with a good sale can you get you some very cheap or even free baby formula.

(9) More Great ideas on this video.

You have some other suggestions that you like to share?   If so, please leave your comments or questions below and I will be more than happy to get back to you. I would love to hear your feedback.


  • This is a very helpful article for new parents, great tips how to lessen the burden on a household budget. Although I live in Asia, some of the tips can be used here, and I’ll definitely pass them on to the mothers of babies and toddlers in my circle!

  • Having a baby is a big responsibility. You have to provide the baby, not only with the necessary nutrients for him to grow but also stuff that can make him comfortable and happy. For new parents the biggest dent on their budget would be milk formulas and diapers.

    Getting free stuff, such as diapers and milk formulas are a blessing to parents with babies to care for. Your site is a good source of information and tips for new parents.

  • Liv

    Great post! This post is so helpful. Babies cost so much, and all the small costs can add up as well. And which parent wouldn’t love some free samples! Thanks for posting, this can help new parents save a lot of money!

  • Wounderfull website. I did not know there was free stuff for babies and such things. I have nieces and nephews that I can get for them. It’s very expensive to raise children and all the help you can get is a big perk to having Gods blessed children.

    Thank you for the info
    🙂 Heather

  • Great information, I never knew you could free stuff like that.. will have to go through through your links and sign up to some of those programs.. Having a baby soon so will come in use.

    Also great website, you some great stuff on here..

    All the best

  • What?! I wish I had known about this with my other kids. Who knew there was so many options for FREE baby stuff. I will make sure to use this info for our next baby 🙂

    I like the potential affiliate option thrown in there – as long as you are making those aware of such, I think that’s a great way for at-home mom and dads to pick up some extra cash outside of the traditional ways (like babysitting).

    Awesome information. Thank you!

    – Nehpets

  • Malenyalo

    Thanks Efi, my younger sister has a baby girl so i’ll most definetely pass on what I learned here, I cannot wait to give her all the info, thanks to you.

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