Cool Toys From The 90s – Remember?

Hi, remember the 90’s? Remember the 90’s toys? I remember that I used to play all day long with my awesome toys!

Let us remember with a few of them:

1. The Tamagotchi


When you think of it, our parents give us unknowingly, the perfect game that teaches us responsibility. We always want to take care of our pet by feeding her on time, and yes even cleaning her poop. It is great exercise for Parenting. 🙂


2. Slinkies


I just remember that this toy Caused me to stay in shape throw all of my childhood. The amount of stairs it makes me go up and down do the work.

Great Slinkie Dance


3. Skydancers

It is a combinations of Barbie + wings = little fairies. I loved to take it to my little sister put them on a base and send them spinning into my sister head. When I think of this, it was mean. But hey, she do worst thing to Our little baby sister.


4. Gak

What exactly was Gak? I still don’t really know. But the squish and the stretch of this mysterious material provided endless hours of entertainment.


5. Troll Dolls

I never quite understand why this doll came naked.

But loved them in any size and every hair color.


6. Furbies

I loved this toy, but I always prevented it to get close to any water. I did not have time for another one (evil) like him.


7. Polly Pockets

Polly Pockets

From the big ones with the the castles to the little Pollies living in rings. The downside was always losing those little pieces, because once they were gone, they were IMPOSSIBLE to find.

8. My Little Ponies

I never had them, but this is the toy that was traveling all around the house as my sister favorite toy. I just like the smell of it.


9. Dream Phone

Dream Phone

It worked like this: My sister brings her friend to play and it always was a mystery how the battery of the phone was missing… It was me! I cannot hear this phone ringing.


10. The Easy-Bake Oven

The Easy-Bake Oven

It seems a little quaint now that the height of cool toys in the ’90s was a lightbulb that cooked gross baked goods, but it was a special time. And Easy Bake Ovens were the s***. Needless to say, I never had one.



I know there is a lot lot more toys that I missed, I counting on you to add more ideas for toys in the comments area.

Hope you enjoyed this article.



  • kingmoc

    Wow … I mean wow!! Talk about bringing up some memories. I happen to be a 90’s kid (born in 85) and these toys hit the nail on the head.

    The ones that stick out are the Tamagotchi (this toy may have been ahead of its time), of course the slinky (I can never forget the famous scene from Ace Venture 2), trolls (I admit, I gathered a very respectable collection), and Furbies. How can you forget Furbies and to be honest those things were a piece of you know what – they never worked and broke very easily.

    Anyways great post and thanks for taking me down memory lane haha!

    • Efi Azulay


      As I write about the slinky my first image was of Ace Venture 2, I always wished that I will have the exactly amount of stairs to try my slinky 🙂

      If you have another toy that I forget (mutt be a lot) do not be shy to share.

  • Lee

    Great article bringing back some good memories (born in 85).

    Here’s another one for your list, the board game Mouse Trap.

    I remember spending countless hours playing that game and my poor parent spending just as much time trying to set it up in the first place lol.

    I also remember some kind of slushie maker, maybe Mr frosty, is that what it was called?

  • This post is awesome it reminds me of the good old days when the toys where so cool that I wish I had kept them in my wardrobe haha. I’m wondering if they will make a comeback one day I think I would be willing to buy them again 😛

  • Love the Easy Bake Oven. Those things have been around for a long time but the designs have changed to keep up with the times. And the trolls are making a big come back right now. I am a preschool teacher, and all the children seem to love trolls!

  • Oh wow – I loved troll dolls! And I can smell the my little ponies when I see the picture of them hehe. I had a cheap crappy tamagotchi rip off…I kept that thing alive for ages until I went on school camp and packed it into my suitcase…it had died by the time we arrived, I still kind of feel sad about that! Nineties doesn’t feel like that long ago…and there was such great rock from that decade! Thanks for sharing

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