Squeaky Rubber Toys – Our Pick

(1) Bathtub Animals For Babies

Website: Amazon (Check Here)
Price: $8.99
Owners: Little Treasures
Overall Mom’s Rank: 98 out of 100
For Who: 3 – 36 Months

A Few Words

Bath toys can primarily boost your child’s spatial awareness, fine motor skills, cognitive reasoning and hand-eye coordination, very much necessary in initial years of growth. The bath game with its slightly tricky water squirting exercise will make your child giggly and super thrilled, bringing a positive result in behavior. Bright, rich and vibrancy of color is an aimed strategy to affect the growing minds and entice the kid with various toy-parts of different designs, therefore engrossing children instantaneously in a game that is productive in all aspects.

Customers Rating of the Product

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(3) Infantino Squeeze and Teethe

Website: Amazon (Check Here)
Price: $9.98
Owners: Infantino
Overall Mom’s Rank: 100 out of 100
For Who: 3 – 12 Months

A Few Words

This all-natural rubber teether is perfect for babies that love to put everything in their mouths. The sweet lamb character is inviting and friendly. She’s easy to hold and will squeak when you squeeze her. Babies love to chew on the lamb’s bendy legs, oversized ears and soft-textured body.

Customers Rating of the Product

“We received one of these for my grandson as a present. At around 4 months he fell in love with it. At 5 months Christmas was coming and his love for it was growing, I thought, what happens if we/he looses it? So I bought him another because he loves it. I did get him a set of ‘simple’ non-nubby keys for Christmas, and he loves those equally. He’ll have keys in one hand, lion in other hand and rotates which goes in his mouth. I guess it’s kind of nice when you find ‘THE’ present for a person, even if he’s only 6 months.”

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