Baby Wind Chimes – Our Pick

(1) Tiny Love Pack n Go Mini Mobile

Website: Amazon (Check Here)
Price: $11.00
Owners: TinyLove
Overall Mom’s Rank: 93 out of 100
For Who: NewBorn – 6 Months

A Few Words

Charming baby girl clip toy for on-the-go fun and engagement.

Age Tips:

0+ months

Babies of all ages will enjoy the familiarity of their beloved toy while on-the-go.

1-3 months

Lightly swing the mobile – the movement and the colorful objects will encourage baby to look at the mobile and, gradually, try to bat the toys.

3+ months

Baby can practice her batting technique while enjoying the colorful features of this charming and compact mobile.

Customers Rating of the Product

Keeps my son entertained and easy and compact to store when not needed. My only con is when it swings a lot (car ride) it almost hits his face. “

(2) Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Giraffe

Website: Amazon (Check Here)
Price: $6.88
Owners: Bright Starts
Overall Mom’s Rank: 100 out of 100
For Who: NewBorn – 6 Months

A Few Words

Fun Comes First, So many toys in one! The Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Giraffe features bold graphics and high-contrast colors. Rattling and clacking sound delight the ears, while crinkly and satiny textures provide tactile variety and a mini-mirror helps foster self-discovery. And Each one of giraffes legs offer a different sensory activity: mirror, teether, rattle and satin tags, bead chaser with multiple textures.

Customers Rating of the Product

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(3) Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Tiny Princess

Website: Amazon (Check Here)
Price: $16.99
Owners: TinyLove
Overall Mom’s Rank: 98 out of 100
For Who: NewBorn – 6 Months

A Few Words

The Tiny Love Princess Take-Along Mobile features a fun and colorful design that can travel anywhere with you and your baby. It comes in a pink color making it ideal for your little one. The Tiny Love musical mobile features five soothing melodies and adorable characters to keep baby relaxed and entertained. Your child will keep smiling and kicking her legs to the music of this portable baby mobile. You can easily attach the princes’ mobile to your baby’s cradle, crib or car seat. You can also attach it to most pack-and-plays or a stroller, so your baby can enjoy the fun while on the move.

Customers Rating of the Product

“After reading the reviews I was hesitant and purchasing this… But I figured for 20 bucks I couldn’t go wrong.
1. It fits perfectly on my cosleeper/bassinet. It also fit on my crib nice and snug and did not wobble.
2. It detaches so that you can put it on a infant car seat handle or stroller. We did this when we went on vacation and drove for many hours, it worked perfectly on her car seat handle and help her go to sleep.
3. Another reviewer said the music was too soft, and it spun too slow. I found that to NOT be true.The volume I found was perfect and soothing. Also how fast do you expect it to spin?… It’s not a ceiling fan, it’s a infant mobile.
4. And this is my favorite part! It plays music for 30 minutes and automatically turns off. I have used it every night for over a month and its still going strong, the batteries have not died yet.
I’m very glad I purchased this, it was well worth the money. (all other mobile’s were twice the price.) For only $17 I honestly thought it was going to be a piece of junk… I was pleasantly surprised. I would purchase again and recommend to friends.”


  • Lynne

    I so miss the baby years, mine are 2 and 4 years old now so they won’t be needing this baby wind chime. This sort of thing I loved buying my babies. They always wanted to be occupied when in the pram or car chair. Those little fingers are always looking for something.
    There are always new babies arriving in our large family so it won’t be long until I buy one.

    • Efi Azulay

      Hi Lynne,

      It’s no too late to have another baby 🙂

      I personally want 4 kids, I have 2 more to go.

  • Owain

    I have a newborn on the way in January and these look like a good addition to the baby’s room. I do not known much about these so I have a question. If these make wind chime sounds then do you need batteries with these? I cannot tell from the description or the picture.

  • Teresa

    These are super cute! When my sons were little, they had a monkey that sort of looked like these and when they pulled on the ring the monkey was holding with his feet, it would play calypso music or make monkey noises. It used to make me laugh when I would hear it while driving in the car. Alas, they are getting too old for these now. All my 3 year old wants in the car is the ‘blue thing’ (my Kindle Fire). I refuse to give it to him unless it’s a very long (over an hour) car ride!

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