Baby Toys 0-3 Months

Baby Toys 0-3 Months

In her first months, before she learns to grasp objects or sit up, your baby will most appreciate things she can look at and listen to. Her vision will be fuzzy at first and she’ll fix on things that are about eight to 15 inches from her eyes, though in the first month she’ll only be able to see clearly to about 12 inches. She’s drawn to the human face — and can recognize yours at about 1 month — but she will also enjoy large pictures of faces.

High-contrast patterns and bright colors captivate her because they’re the easiest for her to see. She’s already learned to appreciate sounds and soft music. Objects that move slowly and produce a gentle sound are far more interesting to her than those that are fixed and silent.


(1) Hand-Held Toys
 Her nearsightedness makes her appreciate anything you can move into her line of sight. She won’t be able to hold toys for a while, but she’ll demonstrate her preferences by batting at the ones she likes.

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(2) MP3 Player Or Music Box   Music is one of the best ways to entertain and soothe your infant. Play a variety of music — nothing too raucous — and see how she responds.

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(3) Mobile   A mobile can add a new dimension to a baby’s horizontal view of life. Look for ones with high-contrast colors and patterns. Many babies are particularly fond of mobiles that play music. For safety’s sake, keep the mobile out of your baby’s reach. Mobiles are a strangulation hazard, so don’t attach one to or hang one directly over her crib. Instead, hang the mobile from the ceiling just within your baby’s line of sight.

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(4) Unbreakable mirror Although they won’t realize it’s themselves they’re seeing at this stage, babies find their own reflection fascinating. And by 3 months old, yours may have struck up a relationship with hers, and begun smiling at it. Look for a mirror you can hang near a changing table or stand up in front of your baby during tummy time.

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(5) Soft Books With High-Contrast Patterns Soft books with easy-to-see patterns or decorations are designed just for babies. Lie down next to her so she can watch you turn the pages as you read aloud to her — even at this age it pays off.

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(6) Sensory Toys A soft toy that trills or tweets when pressed will please a baby for months to come. The accidental squeaks will also help her become aware of what her hand is doing.

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(7) Sock And Wrist Rattles Attach a soft rattle to your baby’s wrist or ankle, or warm her feet with socks that have built-in rattles to provide long moments of entertainment as she experiments with new sounds she can make herself.

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(8) Wind Chimes Babies love soft music, so hang a set of these in a place where she can watch it move and listen to the sound. If the chime is near her crib, your baby may fall into the habit of watching it for a few minutes before drifting to sleep. Hold her up once in a while so she can sound the chimes herself, too.

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  • I never thought of wind chimes for babies and what a great idea and product. I have a grand-baby on the way and find your website well organized, with many good ideas for babies.

    The portable highchair is something I will consider for my own home, as my husband and I live in a small mobile home and don’t have a lot of room for a high chair. And we hope our grand-baby will visit us often!

    I already bought baby books and an Oball, but looking for more baby toys. Appreciate your list of good quality baby toys.

  • Some of my nieces and nephews are having babies. It is good to have a website like yours that reviews good quality toys that will help in the development of children. Great job !!

  • Hi there,

    I don’t have kids yet so I will definitely keep this website in mind. I will bookmark it. The information is both informative and neatly laid out. Well done and thank you for the information. Nobody knows everything about babies so to have a place where one can go to that is organized is great to have! I did not even think of some of the toys that are on offer here!

  • Julie Heibel

    These are some great ideas! I have never heard of the mirror or wind chimes. I also really like how you explain the reasons for all your toys. It shows you have great knowledge into the physical changes in children and babies as well!
    I am hoping to have a child and will keep this site to refer back to.

  • Jamie

    Good to know the different toys that are appropriate for newborn infants. I know that babies like to put anything and everything in their mouths, and it’s good to know that there are toys out there that they won’t choke on or hurt themselves with.

  • Thanks for tis article. I don’t have any babies, but I love buying gifts for new Mothers!

    I forgot about mobiles. I used to love to give them as gifts.

    Long ago, we could buy them anywhere. I thought they were a thing of the past.

    That looks like a beautiful mobile in your product section! I will check it out.
    Thanks again! Mary

  • I have a great nephew that is approx 5 months old. I have not been around babies in a long time and really needed to check all the new items out there. Your site is packed with great current information and will pass it on to my nephew.

    I also enjoyed the review of the monitors as I have my mother living with me now and I am in the market for one.


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