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If You are looking for some great baby toys that encourage crawling? you came to the right place. I can give you some great ideas on baby toys that encourage crawling here. But first, you need to read this…

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Around six months come a phase that your baby showing signs of rolling over, or crawling (Or not). Every baby has its own development progress, some of the babies start to crawl much later. But if your baby doesn’t start to crawl when he reach 10 months, it is recommended to speak with your baby development doctor.

Here are some warning signs that will tell you if your baby has mobility problem:


By 3 months

  • Can’t support her own head
  • Doesn’t turn her head when you speak
  • Has trouble moving her eyes in all directions

By 7 months

  • Muscles seem unusually tight or limp
  • Cannot sit without assistance
  • Cannot roll over

By 12 months

  • Doesn’t make the effort to get around
  • Can’t stand even when supported
  • Baby’s body drags along on one side

Here are a few tips that can help your baby to crawl:

crawling1Toys for motivation – If there is a favourite toy that you baby loves, such as phone, ball, etc. you can lay him/her on the stomach, and put the toy far from her (about 10 cm).It’s important that it will have a rigid surface with enough friction so he is able to crawl. Your baby will do ever he can to try and reach this toy, and if at the first times he unable to reach it, you can help by putting your body on its tiny feet, and he will push itself toward the toy.


Obstacle Course – You can lay on the floor some pillows, nursing pillow, that will drive him to lift up is legs and crawl over them. By that, you can practice crawling on six.

Electronic spinning ball – It’s a ball that in the minute you turn it on, they are moving all over the floor, playing music and making sounds. They are great for stimulating your baby to start moving. (You can find it here)

Play with your baby – Play with it while you are laying in front of him At is eye level.


Space, Space, and more Space – Make sure your baby has space to explore that is safe and supervised. Now is the time to begin child-proofing your home. Take a walk through (or better yet, a crawl-through) your home and see what potential hazards may be at your baby’s level.

Tummy time – Encouraging tummy time from the very beginning, within the first few days of life. This doesn’t mean you have to just plop your baby flat on the floor on their tummy, let them scream, and curse your pediatrician’s name for saying you have to do tummy time with your baby. You can ease into it in order to meet your newborn where they’re at (which is at zero head control, right?), and then gradually increase the challenge as they become stronger and more engaged.

Just Remember…

Baby’s abilities don’t develop overnight. She’ll put a lot of hard work and patience into mastering these motor skills. And as her muscles continue to grow and develop, your little explorer will be spurred by the curiosity to investigate every corner of her room and eventually the whole house. So it’s never too early to begin babyproofing.

Finally here is some more great tips on this youtube video.


Please fell free to comment below and give more ideas for all of the mommy’s out there 🙂


==>Press here to watch my best toys that encourage crawling<==



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  • The crawling age, they are so fast and mobile, always exploring. It is nice to see that you have found all this toys to keep them entertained and that we can participate playing with our babies, it is fun. Thank you for the information.

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    We are waiting for a baby to come in 3 months and i’ve found your website really useful as I am trying to gather all the info needed. It’s so exciting.

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  • Kyle

    Great article and better site. I am not at this stage of my life yet as far as expecting children but when I am I will definitely need this kind of information and so this was very useful to know. Nice work!

  • Sam

    Great post! Some really good ideas on helping to motivate your child to crawl. I like the idea of the spinning ball! I’ll have to look into that. My brothers child was unusual, he was able to lift his head and look around almost immediately after he was born!! I’ve never seen anything like it. So tummy time was easy to get his boy to do. What would you do for a baby that really just hates being placed on their stomach? Great article! Keep up the good work!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading the information presented. The toys recommended would enhance the crawling process. ?The tips provided would also be beneficial. I love the section on ‘Space, space and more space’ because it promotes crawling and open up a keen awareness to any dangers in the designated crawling area.

    Overall, the information was well presented and complemented with some great visuals. I would not hesitate to refer the site to family or friends in the future!

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