Baby Shower Guest Gifts – Here Is Some Ideas For You.

Attending a baby shower or know a couple who just announced they’re expecting?
I searched the web for some of the cool gift that baby can get. From personalized baby gifts to baby gift baskets, I bring you the baby stuff new moms really want (and need!)
Baby Shower 90

Bright Starts Bouncer



Baby Shower

This delightful bouncy seat has it all, from sweet music and blinking lights to busy spinners and a spinning mirror. Your baby will nestle in safe and snug with the three-point restraint and comfy pad for her head and shoulders.

You can find it here.


Sophie La Girafe – Teether Giraffe

Sophie la Girafe1

Happy customer review:

“If your baby takes to it (every baby is different) then they will love it my little boy is always chewing on it I use Milton wipes to keep it clean but any pacifier wipes would do, he prefers it to any other teether he has loved it since about 6 months when he figured out how to put it in his mouth, it was money well spent as it was my daughters before his, But she wasn’t as much if a fan as he is, she liked it when she was older but as a baby wasn’t interested but I’m glad I kept it, it’s a sturdy good quality toy I’d recommend to anyone to try”

You can’t Argue with the review of customers.


Click to see the reviews.

You can find it here.



True Womb Sleeping1

Mimicking the mother’s womb, the True Womb Sleeping Swaddle is for babies who usually break loose from other, less confining swaddles. It allows the hips and legs to flex and stretch while the baby tries to move back into the soothing fetal position. The SecureSleeve design keeps babies’ arms inside the swaddle too. It’s made of breathable, lightweight, four-way stretch material to make sure that baby won’t overheat, while the ComfortWrap allows the garment to grow as baby grows.

You can find it here.


Cute Baby Bibs Waterproof

Molded Bibs1

These are great because they catch food that baby attempts to get in the mouth, but misses. Saves parents a lot of floor and chair cleaning! It’s one of those ‘I never knew I needed it til I had it‘ items.

Molded Bibs3

You can find it here.


Dust Buster Hand Vac

 Dust Buster Hand Vac
I know it’s not a traditional baby or baby shower gift, but trust my word, this gift it’s the perfect gift for any mom.

A review of a mother that vacuum everything, even her baby 🙂 :

“Get a Dust Buster or a small vac for the kitchen. It’s not cute, but cute’s not always practical. I have a toddler — you know where I’m going with this — before I even pull him out of the high chair, I vacuum all around him. Then, if no one is looking, I vacuum him a little, too. I got onesies out the wazooo but what I really needed was something that he can’t outgrow…vacuums!”

You can find it here.

Hooded Bamboo Baby Bath Towel

Bath 1

Want to win big with the baby shower crowd? this adorable “Hooded Bamboo” bath towel are an instant “like.” Woven from soft thick cotton velour and absorbing terry, this towel has a hood that shows off the bear ears…a grrrr!

You can find it here.


Nursing Bra

Nursing Bra2

These totally-can’t-tell-it’s-nursing camis come with a built-in nursing bra to provide postpartum tummy coverage and easy access to the girls.

Nursing bras are for use after your baby is born and if she (or you) want to breastfeed. Designed so that the cups open and close, nursing bras allow hungry babies easy access to your girls. Most feature an easy-to-undo clip, designed to use one-handed, at the point where the cup meets the strap. This leaves the other hand free to hold the baby whilst you prepare to feed.

You can find it here.


Click to see the reviews.

Baby Portable Highchair

Portable High Chair1

This travel high chair resembles popular camping chairs that fold and pack into a carrying bag. Makes a great table height chair and feeding station for babies on the go. Because it’s so lightweight and durable, it’s one of the best new inventions that parents appreciate.

Watch the video:

You can Find it here.


Baby Bath Floating Turtle – Bath Tub Thermometer

Floating Bath Thermometer1

This baby turtle bath thermometer takes the guesswork out of bath time with 3 digital colors: Blue for Cold, Red for Hot, And Green for Just Right for baby. When it’s time to put turtle away he suctions to the tub or hangs him up and his tail “hook” will hold a washcloth.

You can find it here.


WubbaNub Infant Pacifier


Who invented or better to say upgraded the pacifier to this, need to get Nobel prize this is the absolute best baby toys for use in the car… it helps babies fall right to sleep! While sucking on the pacifier, baby can play (and be soothed) by the soft cuddly toy while riding in the car, sitting in a chair, or playing on the floor. You can find this toy in other different animals such as Monkey, Lion, etc.

You can find it here.


  • Wow what an awesome site, I like the Idea of baby shower, fabulous product line, I’m sure you going to find some great results, I will keep and bookmark your website for the future the next time my friend or family need good ideas for their next baby shower. Great Job, keep the products coming…

  • Sarah

    Such a helpful page – I don’t have any kids of my own so when it comes to buying presents for baby showers I’m always so stuck about what to buy so this is a great list. I love that you’ve provided so many different options all with reviews and that you’ve added a dust buster in there too – that must be one of the most useful presents ever! Thanks for the post.

    • Efi Azulay

      Hi Sarah,

      You right about the dust buster,

      This is the gift she the most using from all the baby shower gifts that she received 🙂

  • This is an awesome site! I love baby showers, christenings, Christmas, birthdays, halloween – the lot! I have 11 grandchildren and I get to spoil them! But I always run out of ideas for gifts, so this site is perfect.

    I live the Giraffe teether, the portable highchair and the pacifier – so cute.

    Thanks for these ideas, and I have bookmarked your site as I’m sure I’ll be back to check out other ideas.

    Great site.

  • Gina

    I have to go to a baby shower soon and the only time I’ve been at them is when I was too young to really remember. I think the swaddler is so cute! I’ll definitely consider that one. The little baby towel is so adorable too. I’m glad I have ideas now. I was so stuck before. Thanks!

  • Really great ideas for a baby shower. Most of these items are not normally considered. I like the age group idea, makes it easy to find what I am looking for.


  • Amberlee

    I’ve just added this page to my favourites, you see, I’m at the age where all my friends are announcing they’re expecting, and I have no idea what to buy them as I’m not a mother myself. I also want to take a moment to vouch for; The Bright Starter Bouncer. My sister received one, and she has found it to be an exceptional gift that keeps my nephew entertained for hours,

    • Efi Azulay

      Hi Amberlee,

      Thanks for the wonderful comment.

      And my daughter had also “The Bright Starter Bouncer” in her early months.

      And she was not just entertained but it was her favorite place to sleep 🙂

  • Wow this truly is an amazing post, so much great information and gift ideas for a baby shower. I like all the ideas you gave and I think I might get some of these items for my kids. I really like the portable high chair, it seems like it will come in handy for the ones in restaurants are dirty. Thank you very much for sharing and I look forward to seeing more ideas from you. Take care.

  • Great site, I love the portable high chair, I wish they were available when my girls were babies. The waterproof baby bibs would have come in very handy for my eldest who had terrible trouble teething and dribbled 24/7. Thanks for the information. Cheers Tracy 🙂

  • Great Site! I love the flow and the images you used. My first nephew will be born December of this year and I just cannot wait! Ill will be sure to keep your site in mind for gifts to spoil the new boy!!

  • Amazing website! Most guests need to know what to bring to a baby shower and I know i’m one of them. My sister is currently pregnant and I need to know what gift/gifts to bring to her baby shower since I haven’t been to one in so long. I love this website that you’ve put together!

    • Hi Aaliyah,
      Thanks for this wonderful; comments.
      A friendly advice, if your sister is about to having a baby, I suggesting to bring her the Hand Vacum cleaner, I know she will appreciate it.

  • These are some great baby shower ideas Efi, I especially like the portable hand vacuum. When my son was born we got plenty of the usual stuff like diapers and toys but my wife would have loved one of those. She was constantly cleaning up little messes and bringing out the big vacuum was always such hassle for maybe just a small spill. Thanks!

  • This is great. I really like the wide range of gift ideas that you laid out here. This will come in handy as I am attending a baby shower in the near future. I will probably use that vacuum idea too even for new mothers that have already had their baby shower haha

  • Great ideas you have shared with us here, I am loving the portable high chair and the Swaddler!!! I have a girlfriend who is soon to be a mum and some of these items would be perfect for her and her new bub. Thank you so much for the inspiration 🙂

  • You certainly have put a lot of effort into your page. It is well organized and thorough to the point it takes my breath away! Just made me realize I have a lot more work to do!

  • YAS! I have 2 actually 3 co-workers who have a baby shower coming up, this kills the time spent on looking for appropriate toys. I love the swaddler, f I can swaddle but if I was a new mommy, I can argue several positives/ advantages for the item. I like the color, the print and the fact that I don’t need to keep swaddling the baby each time I have to check on them etc.

    Thanks a bunch for the site.

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