Baby Toys 12-18 Months

Baby Toys 12-18 Months

toddler playingToddlers are very active and physical. They enjoy playing make-believe and imitating the adult world they see. They are not yet ready to actively play with each other, but they may choose to play beside each other.

Their hand are becoming more coordinated, and they now can sort they toys more efficiently. They can build greater tower from toy blocks, and make a drawing (Not like Picasso).Play involves lots of experimentation, like “What happens if I drop this ball?” or “What happens if pull this lever?”

In this age, they are trying to see what will be consequences to their action taken, and because their memory isn’t well developed, they don’t tire of repetition. In this age they are trying to imitate the action that adults are doing, so there is a bunch of recommended toys for this age.

Large building bricks: These light cardboard bricks are big enough to stack up into a fort or wall, or any other way your toddler wants. But the most satisfying part of the process continues to be the finale — when the walls come tumbling down.

Push and pull toys: Heavily weighted push toys can give your beginner something to lean into as she motors around your home. Wagons can be ideal. Pull toys are for slightly advanced walkers who can look behind them as they move forward. Give them something to look at: Pull toys that flap, bobble, squeak, or in any other way make a scene are favorites. (Review)

Sorting and nesting toys: Toddlers love to sort, stack, unsort, unstack, and basically reorganize their lives. Sorting and nesting toys are great fun for those who are trying out their early problem-solving skills. (Review)

Climbing gym: A tiny gym can give your toddler a safe place to climb, hide, slide, and practice all her emerging motor skills — over and over again. But these sets can also be pricey and are quickly outgrown. (Review)

Balls: Any ball that’s easy to grasp will be a hit with this group — underinflated beach balls, vinyl balls, cloth balls. Stay away from foam balls that could end up as a mouthful. Your toddler will have fun kicking, rolling, and throwing a ball.

Washable crayons and paper: Let the scribbling begin! Hand your toddler no more than a couple of crayons at a time — you don’t want to overwhelm him — and tape the paper to the floor so he can make his mark without dragging the paper along with him.

Ride-on vehicles: This mode of self-locomotion may be even more popular than walking. Many small ride-on toys have models with handles for an adult to push when the child gets tired. Avoid electronic versions — they’re expensive and take away from the fun of getting around under your own power. (Review)

Picture books: Your toddler will enjoy more advanced picture books showing familiar objects and activities. He may also start to take pride in his own library and the chance to pick out a favorite for you to read. (Review)


  • Dan

    My 1 year old nephew has one of these push things that pop! He loves it and I see it’s pretty cheap from your site. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I think building blocks is a good toy for kids, it builds their creativity. Any how we have to becareful by having large building blocks for kids younger then 3 year old because small objects are swallow hazards.

  • I can definitely see where my little sister fell into one of these categories just a few years ago. She was never really big on riding toys, but instead preferred picture books, coloring books and crayons. She still does. I preferred building blocks and puzzles at that age. It’s interesting to see kids at this 1-2 year stage start to take certain interests. This is such a nice breakdown and resource!

  • Thanks for the info.
    I have an 18-month boy at home at this really hit the spot.

    One question. What would you suggest in order to motivate the youngster to start walking? He currently crawls, but it looks as though he is fearful taking his first step without holding something.
    Any suggestions?

  • I work with this age group everyday and they love the toys mentioned above! Their minds are going bananas exploring the world around them and they are so curious about everything!

  • Awesome site to visit when buying toys! Was looking for one for my friend’s newborn 🙂
    Thanks for info!

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