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Hi, everyone!

My name is Efi Married plus two beautiful children.

DSCF3770When I was single, I had no worries in my life, maybe just which party to attend to or which T-Shirt to wear.Since my children were born and brought so match joy to me and my wife, they bring with them also new worries.Which baby food to use? How to keep him safe from in-house hazards? When they sick, how to help them? And yes, which toy to use at each age.

I heard many stories about children that swallow a part of a toy that was not fit for their age.However, not just Hazards were my concern, but also which toy will be best to use on each age of my child that will help him in is developing.

I always do my homework on which toy to buy in every age; from one side that will not risk my child and second, will help with is developing.I can see the change between my kids’ development, my daughter started to walk only at 15 months old because I did not right away know what would be the right toy for her development.However, my son, that is the younger start to walk at 11 months old with the help of the right toy.

I also believe that to each child have its own progress of development, but with today toys the parents can help their kids’ development.

All the products on my site I tried them with my child, gave them as a present, get feedback on them from my friends and family. And was highly recommend by other parents (check the reviews).

Again, my name is Efi.  It is nice to meet you and feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.  Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via email (azuefi@gmail.com)


All the best!





  • You are so right about asking parents about a toy before giving it to a child. I made the mistake when I was a teenager and saved my money to buy a teddy bear for my niece. At that time, toys were starting testing for safety. The teddy bear had a button nose that could have been a hazard for the baby. I learned a valuable lesson when the bear was refused as a gift.
    I am so glad that you shared this post; it will help people buy safe gifts for little ones.

  • carla

    Hi There,
    Some great information here.My daughter had a part of a toy stuck up her nose once but wasn’t even old enough to tell me what was wrong.It was so frightening as her eyes were watering terribly and her nose was bleeding which then ended up with us at hospital.Fortunately nothing serious but now when buying toys I always will check out reviews etc.Its so important.

    • Hi Carla,
      I’m glad that nothing serious happened.
      And it’s very important to read the other costumers revies on the product, and the safety instructions on the box of the toy.

  • I have two sets of twins in the family. my sister-in-law just had a baby girl a few days ago. My step daughter is expecting in January. I have young children all through the family. Your site is great. It breaks down which toys are good for which age. I find your site very informational. It helps me to decide which toys I can get to spoil the children in the family.

  • Hi Efi,

    As a new father, I found your statements above very true to me. When buying toys for my daughter, hazard is my number one concern, specially today that there are a lot of made in China toys. Don’t get me wrong on that. But it’s the truth that some China toys are made from hazardous materials.

    Now the I found Toys by Ages, your website can help me decide which toy is the safest plus which toy is best for my baby daughter at her age.


  • Hi Efi!
    What a great and informative site! Your site has a well of information, and is a great reference when one is looking for a gift for a child of small age. The article on the safety is great – so many things to look after. I absolutely love the site, and will come back often.

    Thank you for putting it together!

  • ht

    I’m a kids pastor and I 100% believe toys can help children development. Play is children’s work and tremendous learning can happen when they play. Great to have stumbled upon your site. Thanks for writing and good to know you

  • Hi Efi!

    What a great website! The detailed info about toys at any age is really very useful! Your website will be like a magnet for people looking for the right toys for children.

    I was very much interested in the post about the different kinds of thermometers. Well done! I didn’t know about most of these new products.

    Just a minor remark: Here, in Europe, we are using other measurements: like centimetres instead of inches and degrees instead of Fahrenheit.

    Wishing you all success you dream of!

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