10 Fun Summer Ideas For kids And Thier Parentes

It’s official. I am now the Father of a houseful of Little and big Kids. It takes more than a park day and a kids’ meal to entertain them. Don’t get me wrong  – I don’t feel that it’s my job to entertain them all summer long, but sometimes it’s just as fun for me to take the time to do something special with them as it is for them.


I’ve already told my Oldest (3 years) that I’ll take her and her cousin out for a few special cousin days during our summer break. So, I’ve been compiling a list of ideas. I decided to brainstorm some fun things I’d like to do with just my kids and some ideas that I probably won’t do, but that you might want to enjoy with your kids.

If you share your ideas in the comments, we should all be able to find some ideas we can use to enjoy some special time with our big kids this summer.

Let’s get start:

1.Make homemade ice cream. (Here is how to make one.)

2. Play Frisbee or disc golf. (Here you go – If you still didn’t buy one.)

3. Go out for breakfast.

4. Play paintball.

5.Play badminton or volleyball in the back yard.

6. Host a sleepover. Okay, maybe this isn’t something you really want to do    with them, but it might just get you cool mom points – Don’t hate me 🙂

7. Play laser tag – I don’t know exactly how to play this game but you can learn how here.

8. Go to the mall. This can be fun even if you don’t have much money for shopping. Try on silly hats and take photos on your phone or take and text photos of what you’d buy someone if you had the money. It’ll make them smile knowing that you’re thinking of them.

9. Take a hike.

10. Go swimming.

Okay, now it’s your turn! What would you add to the list of fun things to do with little and big kids?





  • Good tips Efi, and I add something to that list – I would take my kids to a zoo for sure, kids love animals 🙂

  • Hi Efi. This is great. I got an idea from you which I have never used before. Guess what? We are making ice-cream this summer. Wow I think my son will enjoy that a lot. Thank you very much

  • As a golfer and a parent and grandparent I would get some used junior golf clubs (drivers and woods), enough for each child to have 2 clubs to use. Then go to a local driving range and let them hit balls. If you are not a golfer you can view a few golf videos on how to hold and swing a golf club. You can practice with the kids in the backyard with nerf balls. Then get a large bucket of balls at the range for them. Kids love when they finally get one in the air. Not only does it make for a fun time but is a good outdoor thing to do.

  • Great ideas! I personally love doing crafts with my niece, but that can get pretty messy. Sometimes it’s nice to do something that they enjoy without making a huge mess. I love your idea of making ice cream! That’s a family tradition every July 4th. So much fun!

  • Hi Efi,

    What an amazing collection of reviews and things to do for the kids. Our nephew will be having a newborn soon and also has a 1.5 year old and this site has a lot of great resources. I will definitely be bookmarking and checking back for suggestions and ideas.

  • Hi Efi, great list! I would add a zoo or an aquarium (animals are always a big hit). Also, bounce houses and trampoline gyms are always fun. Kids enjoy it when their parents get silly!

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